Transforming travel through payments.

Unlock working capital and discover new revenue streams by optimizing B2B travel payments to airlines, hotels, and suppliers through an extensive portfolio of virtual cards with more than 20 funding and issuing currencies.

Issue virtual cards.

Optimize B2B travel payments with our closed-loop solution or choose from a variety of Visa or Mastercard cards and optimize travel payments and rewards.

Your payments, protected.

Take advantage of chargebacks to recover failed supplier payments. With over 10 years of industry experience, our chargeback success rate is 99.98%.

Payments that pay back.

Put payment expenses to work for your business. Choose the right virtual card to optimize acceptance and convert expenses into earnings and increase your margins.

Global B2B travel payments

B2B Travel payments around the world  –  from APAC to LATAM, from EMEA to North America, from capital cities to emerging markets.  All are made possible with payment solutions tailored to travel.

Travel Agencies

Nium virtual cards  for travel offer unique advantages for online travel agencies to help lessen the pressure of tight margins

  • Optimization. Nium combines flexible funding methods with an industry-leading scheme-agnostic portfolio of virtual cards. 
  • Increased card acceptance rates. As a virtual card provider that offer Visa and MasterCard and UATP cards, you will be able to pay your suppliers, no matter what industry changes are affecting acceptance on any one scheme. 
  • Simplified chargeback processing 
  • Automated reconciliation. Streamline travel payments and reconciliation to reduce overhead – adding directly to your profit line.
  • Rewards. Maximize your rewards by pre-funding your account. Payments with our virtual cards can help you increase margins.
  • Manage FX exposure with 20+ issuing and funding currencies
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Airline Payments

Nium Airline Payments (NAP), is a closed-loop payments solution, powered by Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP). NAP provides airlines, travel agents, and online travel agencies (OTAs) with a sustainable and equitable ‘closed- loop’ payment model. Powered by Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP). NAP, which closes the door on damaging surcharges and business-restrictingbusiness restricting non-acceptance policies. that have inflated the cost of B2B travel payments for decades. Technology for the solution comes to Nium via its acquisition of travel payments optimization leader, Ixaris, in 2021. 


The closed-loop The Nium Airline Payments closed-loop solution eliminates margin-eating intermediaries from the payment flow–, giving airlines the flexibility and control to design transparent incentives for OTA partners, based on routes, seasonality, business volumes, and more. 


The process of payment acceptance by Nium is guaranteed to be accepted through their UATP network. Unlike other payment programs, Nium’s IATA Resolution 890 compliant and IATA TIP registered process guarantees payment acceptance for the airlines, as they are already wired to accept payments through the UATP network. Meanwhile, the process is IATA Resolution 890 compliant and registered with the IATA TIP (Transparency in Payments) program. 


“We were very inspired by Nium’s innovative approach to create an alternative payment method, being proud to offer it to our B2B partners. We are communicating the availability of this new option to our travel agencies, tour operator, and TMC customers, and we hope that they will soon join us in taking advantage of the benefits of using it”.

  • Yago Casasnovas Head of Payment, Fraud Prevention and Distribution, from Air Europa. “
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Hotel Payments

Hotel bookings occur far into the future, tying up working capital for weeks or months. Virtual cards for travel from Nium for hotel payments unlock working capital, help optimize your payments strategy   and reduce fraud exposure.

  • Working capital. Optimize your hotel payments as well as schedule card funds load and u 

Unlock your working capital by using Nium virtual cards for travel from Nium for hotel bookings. We have a The flexibility of our breadth of virtual cards with multiple rewards offerings across both Visa and Mastercard networks allowsto allow you to optimize your hotel payments as well as schedule card funds load and use our pre-auth protection for single spend cards.

  • Reduce fraud
  • With Nium, you can sschedule virtual card loads ‘just in time’ for hotel charges. Nium Vvirtual cards for travel from Nium are ‘empty’ during the days or weeks that hotels hold the card details, which in turn reducesreduce fraud exposure.
  • Optimization obsessed
  • MiningNiumWe mine millions of B2B travel payment transactions, we and test our cards to offer our customers meaningful merchant acceptance and fee data driving an increase in overall margins.


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Redefining Payment Optimization in the Travel Space

Learn more about how Ixaris joined forces with Nium.

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